Mage: Rise of the Golden Age

Chapter 2, Part 1: London

Of Tunnels and Royals

It was nighttime in London, just as in Belfast, when our heroes arrived in Victoria Station. It wasn’t too late for the station to be empty, but rush hour has certainly ended awhile ago. Lucien, the last one to be tossed through the portal, tripped on his own two feet whilst trying to regain his footing and fell into a wall, injuring his shoulder. There was little time to heal him right away, however, as the group needed to get into contact with the London consilium that was supposedly waiting for them.

Hatter, who had also joined the group on their venture, quickly contacted Aneria, one of the provosts for London. She arranged transport for them in the form of a double decker city bus to bring them to Henry V’s office. This of course was after they got momentarily lost at a pasty shop which confused the non-native Europeans as their definition of “pasties” was not a type of filled pastry.

On the way to the office and as Aneria led them up the lift, the group learned that London consilium stands on quite a bit of old ceremony. Everyone must be formally introduced to the Caucus members before they can communicate with them otherwise they will not be responded to. They also learned that London is actually split up into three sections, with a different sentinel and herald each for England, Scotland, and Wales. The Caucus itself also had its own herald, Speedy, who seemed to be indisposed at the moment.

The office was a buzz with activity and the faint smell of smoke as the injured Mages from the attack had been brought up here for treatment. The group was escorted into Henry V‘s personal office and introduced formally to him, as the Hierarch of London. Oliver, his provost, shortly joined them and was also introduced. Henry V was quite glad for the aid sent by New Atlantis despite Oliver being difficult and untrusting, especially of the Changelings who looked like Sleepers with the help of Lucien’s imbued sweatshirts. They were able to avoid telling him who exactly they were however.

Henry V filled the group in on a little history of London. Apparently, prior to WW2, tunnels had been built in the tunnels underneath Buckingham Palace at the vision of an Acanthus mage of the bombings that would be coming. These tunnels were built for the Royal Family to escape, for they were high profile Sleepwalkers. Queen Elizabeth I had apparently been a Mage herself and since then her family line had all been Sleepwalkers, though no other Mages have awoken in the bloodline yet. As such, the London Consilium keeps a close and protective eye on the Family. The Queen, Prince William, and the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, were scheduled to meet with Henry V and were using the tunnels that connect the palace directly to his office when the attack happened. Speedy and the Claviger of their Ladders, Elizabeth, were on their way to meet them. As such, both Mages were being retained on suspicion of being connected to the attack for no enemy had ever infiltrated the Palace or tunnels before. This was sure sign of an inside job. The Royal Family had been safely evacuated but two Mages had been lost in the conflict; one Guardian and one Arrow, both who held prestigious honors of guarding the Royal family directly.

Henry V welcomed their aid in the investigation and asked Aneria to take them down to the tunnels via the Buckingham Gardens entrance. Right after this, Eleven, the Epopt of London, arrived and informed Henry V and Oliver that New Atlantis was awaiting them to sign the treaty. Lucien, who had just recently been healed by Halaayt, offered to stay behind to aid as he could with the injured, as did Hatter. Alexis just seemed to want to poke around the offices for some reason. Dalmari, the sentinel that Brigid had sent along, politely requested that he stay with that portion of the group for their protection, should they need it, as Belfast Mages. The rest went down to the tunnels.

The tunnels smelled of a chemical smoke, rather than a burning smoke, and there were still bodies laying about, strewn among the palace guards that were stationed along the hallways. Three London mages were down there, Jeramiah, Doriah, and Charles, attempting to investigate, though Jeramiah seemed more obsessed with whether the bodies had been moved or not. Halaayt instructed Optimus to distract the Sherlock Guardian so that they could begin investigating. Optimus took this as a cue to pee on Jeramiah’s leg.

Tobias Bongani Decker took a look around and determined that, from the marks on the walls, that the flash bang that the Guardians found out had been used was tossed from a position that would have been within the group of palace guards escorting the royal family. Gabriel determined that one of the dead guards had left behind a ghost and with the aid of Tobias Bongani Decker they discovered from the extremely emo ghost that one of this compatriots suddenly got very angry at the same time that someone else in his unit pulled the flash bang, which is not standard issue for them. Several of the guards, he said, seemed to change demeanor and move as if they were being controlled, pulling guns.

At this same time, Kerali set herself about using time sight to watch what happened during the scene. Her spell went off flawlessly and she was able to watch the event multiple time and figure out exactly what happened. She saw that Speedy and Elizabeth were coming up from the outside entrance to meet the Royal Family at an intersection of tunnels. It was then that the flash bangs were tossed and fire was opened. Elizabeth loosed a fire spell and a contingent of Mages from the outside rushed inside to see what was happening. The smoke from the flash bangs and the confusion overwhelmed them, however, and they went first after Speedy and Elizabeth, as it seemed the bullets were coming from them. One Mage in that group, though, seemed to know exactly what was going on and shot for the Royal Family, but missed. The most interesting part of all of this, was that the first person who pulled a gun in the Royal Guard changed his face during the conflict, similar to an ability that Tobias Bongani Decker displayed during the meeting in Emain Macha.

Kerali requested that all of the Palace Guards who were on duty be brought down for inspection and questioning, for it was entirely possible that the perpetrator was still present. Aneria did this and not long later the group found themselves staring down some of the most prestigious guards in Her Majesty’s service. The use of Mage sight provided many clues including a foreign aura (which Scythe discovered) that had never been seen before, and a heavy cloud of death about one particular man in the back of the group. Kerali picked up on this as well with her Fate sight and just as the three of them started indicating to one another that they were suspecting the same person, three of the other guards changed demeanor again and pulled guns. The man in question bolted for the exit. As the group started to react, Drake Turner somehow was able to send a gust of wind to knock the man into a wall as Kerali twisted his luck against him and Halaayt shot him, somehow succeeding in hitting him in a part of his arm that was not covered by kevlar. Bad luck for him!


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