Lawyer, Mage, and Cantankerous Old Fart


Order: The Silver Ladder
Rank: Provost of Vancouver, 2nd degree Archmage
Path: Acanthus
Apparent Age: 52
Virtue/Vice: Justice/Gluttony
General Appearance: Debussy is a shorter man. His hair went grey long before his time, and he wears it slicked back at a respectable short length. He is often found in a business suit, and when at home (if you ever see him in his home) he wears a long, red housecoat/robe with an ascot. His belief in constantly exuding an air of professionalism, combined with his piercing blue eyes makes him quite intimidating to others, especially those he is opposing in court. When in the court house, he never smiles. When in Consilium, it is hard to believe that the grinning fool watching the hockey game and sharing a beer with other Ladders is the same man.


Debussy knows the law. If you ask him what sort of law he studies, he will look at you without missing a beat and reply “All of it.”. Whether or not that is true is unclear, but he does seem to understand exactly what he’s doing and can martial up facts and bylaws with precision. In other words, he knows the law…wined it, dined it, and made it his bitch.

A long standing member of the Composers Cabal, Debussy has always been adept at keeping Consilium organized, as well as keeping a watchful eye on all of the Orders and their members. Should any of the Awakened mages in Vancouver require legal assistance of any kind, Debussy is the man to find. He is close friends with Amadeus, and has been since he awoke.

He has managed all of the paperwork and contractual agreements with regards to the Alliance between Vancouver and Belfast , and has been especially busy lately putting the final touches on the project enigmatically named the “Magnum Opus”.


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