The Stargazer


Path: Obrimos
Order: The Mysterium
Legacy: Thrice-Great, “Stargazers”
Apparent Age: 25
Virtue/Vice: Charity/Sloth

Physical Description: Arianrhod, or Ari, has long dark hair, fair skin and very blue eyes. She is pretty in the way you might expect Morgan le Fay to be pretty; there’s just something different about her and it’s hard to place it.


Ari is a hopeless dreamer. That isn’t to say that she doesn’t have her feet solidly in reality, but she always likes to believe in the best in people. She tries to believe in happy endings.

She spends a lot of time looking towards the heavens, watching the stars circle round. She has a special adoration for the Northern Lights that dance across the sky in winter. Her home is filled with photos she took with her telescope of outer planets, galaxies, nebulae, and (of course) the Moon. She also has a tiny black lab puppy named Buttons.

Ari is a learned scholar, avid reader, and scientist who works at a local observatory. Despite her background in science, she is also a practicing Hermetic Pagan. If you want to know what the best day would be to put in a job application is, your best bet is to ask her. She is also adept at reading energies and Reiki healing, which she also teaches.

Ari has a collection of Sailor Moon manga she does not wish to discuss at this time.


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