High Magician, Occult Specialist, and part time wedding photographer.


Order: The Mysterium
Rank: Head Curator, 2 nd Degree Archmage
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: The Stone Scribes (Name Takers)
Students Winter
Apparent Age: late 20s (actual age 32)
Virtue/Vice: Fortitude/Lust
General Appearance: Aleister tends to keep his attire black and classy. He has a slightly muscled build, and the pale skin of any shut-in scholar. He looks younger than his actual age, and his dark hair is cut and styled short. He makes it a point to smell good as often as possible. Sometimes during Mysterium functions he can be seen carrying his pet ball python around whose name is, rather ironically, Gerald.


Aleister has been the Curator of the Vancouver Mysterium for five years. Always an overachiever (and brilliant mind for magic, metaphysics, and life’s mysteries), he earned the position at 28 years old when his mentor retired from the Curator position at a ripe old age of 82.

Aleister’s interest in the Occult dates back to his younger years. By the time he was 10, he was already writing book reports on “The Book of the Law”, and by 14 he began offering his own theories of Magical Law. Even as a teenager, his library was stuffed with now-classical works on the Occult. At 21, he became a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a factoid which made him unpopular during his college studies. Interestingly, he attended college for Photography and Philosophy (yes, a double major) with a minor in Theology. He has studied the belief systems of many ancient cultures, and attempts to keep abreast of new movements within the fields of the Occult and Neo-Paganism. He has his hand in many religious communities, and occasionally gives talks at book clubs and other “interested parties”. It is also in this manner he keeps an eye on the sleeping world, ever watchful for new mages or potential foes.

Despite his keen interest in all of these topics, Aleister himself remains mum on his own beliefs. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake has always been one of his supreme goals; that the information be found, chronicled, kept, and kept safe where those who were worthy of it’s pages could read it.

As far as a social life, it would seem that Aleister is a quiet, well tempered man, who knows how to enjoy himself. Some years of self-imposed seclusion led him farther from a social life than he had intended, but it ultimately prepared him for his role as Curator. His right hand-gal is Rhianna, his provost. Despite rumors that the two are married, the two are actually like brother and sister.

He has no hated enemies (well..perhaps the Exarchs), and appears to be courting the Mysterium as a whole to secure the Belfast/Vancouver Alliance. He has been seeing the Belfast Curator romantically (and cautiously, thank you Iolan) and the two have been steadily working on projects and archaeological finds.


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