Adamant Sage of Vancouver and one mean arm wrestler.


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Rank: Adamant Sage, 3 rd Degree Archmage
Path: Thyrsus
Apparent Age: Hard to tell, he looks rather youthful except for the wisdom in his eyes
General Appearance: Chief proudly bares the tan skin of his First Nation ancestors and wears his black hair in a long braid down his back. He prefers to wear more comfortable yet nice clothing; khakis and plaid. He can frequently be seen wearing a Canucks hockey jersey on game day.


Chief’s name comes from his literal position as chief of the Tsimshian tribe in British Columbia, Canada. He hails from a long line of tribal leaders and upholds their traditions and wisdom well. He is also a shaman for the tribe and was the one who trained Halaayt when he saw what her calling was.

He doesn’t prefer to talk much about himself, he can be considered the strong and silent type generally. If asked, though, he will tell about the time he spent serving with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and his years of training in Taekwondo. The man is also a brilliant wrestler, it is not recommended you challenge him to a fight unless you want your rear handed to you on a platter.

Though he commands a great deal of respect not only from his tribe but also from his Arrows, regardless of their race, it is not as the result of fear. Chief enjoys a good laugh and good times spent with those he cares about. He is incredibly proud of his son and Provost Hatter, as well as Halaayt whom he considers a daughter. He’s also looking forward to Lovki joining his family and is continuously thinking of challenges for his worthy opponent.


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