Sentinel for Belfast...don't leave your cars unattended.


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Rank: Sentinel
Path: Moros
Apparent Age: Very early 20s
General Appearance: Conall has lighter brown hair with some natural blonde highlights that he keeps cut in the ‘emo’ shag style. He’s taller and skinny, skinnier than his friend Fagan. He has enough muscle to keep him from being classified as scrawny and is relatively punk in his attire, though as hardcore as some.


Conall very nearly died when he awoke. He was driving home from school behind his girlfriend when she swerved because the road was wet and was broad sided by a tractor trailed. It caused a five car pile up. Conall doesn’t remember how he got to the hospital, but he remembers with crystal clarity her car being decimated by the truck. In his awakening he climbed out of the crushed car as a ghost and rushed to help her free herself from the car. But she told him he had another more important place to go and pointed him towards the tower.

Having always been a troublemaker by nature, he dealt with the pain in the only way he knew how: anger. He dropped out of school and was frequently found starting bar fights in the seedy pubs in town. Conall also has a penchant for crashing cars; he’s had his license revoked as a result not that it’s stopped him from snatching car keys when he gets the chance. Fagan luckily showed up after being MIA for awhile to help Conall figure out what had happened to him. Fagan brought him to Ferguson and Conall moved in with them. He’s very slowly starting to get his life back on track. He’s less prone to violent outbursts but still picks a bar fight when he sees an opportunity. He’s at least been able to keep a steady job at a local Superdrug drugstore and pharmacy.

In the process however, he’s gotten himself stuck with a second term as sentinel for the city. Conall is less than happy with this verdict, however Lovki thinks he still needs some time to mature a litte, especially after the infamous car crash into a fellow Arrow’s house. Conall feels like he isn’t being taken seriously and is struggling to overcome that.

For the most part though, despite his frustrations, Conall is a nice guy who genuinely cares for his friends. He’s good fun to have around and generally enjoys a good drink and good company. He’s been known to be dating Rowan , an Arrow from Vancouver.


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