Insightful Bright One of the Spring Court


Court: Spring
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Mask: Cordelia is noted most for her bright, piercing blue eyes and nearly white blonde hair. She is petite in stature and always carries a very ethereal presence about her, almost carrying a glow about her.
Mein: Much like her sisters, Cordelia has large ears towards the top of her head and large, bright eyes. Starting on the bridge of her nose and reaching up over her scalp at the top of her heard, diamonds and pearls are encrusted in her skin. She glows with her own natural white light and the feeling of a warm spring breeze can be felt when standing near her, the periodic cherry blossom falling at her feet. This breeze is mixed a periodic howl of a chill winter wind.
Apparent Age: Though hard to pin an age on her for her timeless features, she seems to be in her younger 20s.


The story of the three sisters begins the same way for all of them: the three sisters were born in the later Victorian era to a very well to do family. They were raised proper ladies in the tradition of the age. But the eldest of the three, Goneril, always looked for something more. Her middle sister, Reagan, always held a jealousy for her older, more beautiful sister who had more suitors than Reagan ever did and yet still admired her. The youngest sister, Cordelia always thought the world of both her older sisters and would follow them anywhere.

One day Goneril met a beautiful young man with wild eyes and convincing words. He told her that he could take her away from her dull life in the manor and take her to a place where she would be a court lady, a countess, perhaps even more. And he told her that he loved more than anything else in the world. So she set to run away, taking a carriage that he provided for her. But Reagan and Cordelia would not be left behind and stowed away in the carriage before Goneril could stop them.

The carriage driver led them over vale and hill and into a wooded area. Then through a very prickly and dangerous Hedge which tore at their clothes and hair. Within was the young man that had promised Goneril everything. And that man, a loyalist Changeling, promptly handed the sisters over to his Lady, a True Fae with a desire to play out her own intrigues and games at a court that she had created with several other True Fae Courtiers. The three sisters were split between that Lady and the Lady’s two “sister” fae and forced to play many a vicious game against each other and the other individuals trapped under the Faes’ thralls.

Eventually, with the aid of the clairvoyant insight Cordelia gained from her keeper, the three sisters were able to escape. By the time they found their way back through the Hedge, they discovered that they were in the late 20th century and had to learn yet one more alien world. But this time, they at least had their old money and estate which never had another heir to claim it: their parents were certain that they would return someday and so set it up in the hands of a caretaker for their eventual homecoming.

Cordelia, being the youngest when they were abducted, is perhaps the furthest removed from reality of the three. She is as friendly as she is able, her keeper being a stickler for politeness and propriety. But she is also a bit of a shut in, frequently living in the Freehold itself, or with one of her sisters. She does not venture out into the rest of society unless she must. But she has found a certain affinity for the computer age and loves to look at pictures online.



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