Hierarch of Belfast. Provost to New Atlantis.


Order: Silver Ladder
Rank: Hierarch, 2^nd^ Degree Archmage
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: The Pure Sovereigns
Apparent Age: Difficult to tell, has an almost ageless look to him
General Appearance: Dillon is tall and well built with dark hair and bright eyes. He is always dressed well regardless of business or casual wear.


Dillon is the half brother of Conchobar, the Hierarch of New Atlantis. Dillon’s had a rough history in recent years. A soul stone of his was kidnapped by a powerful Seer and so he was made a puppet to the man for sometime. After the Chosen Ones freed Dillon from his servitude and restored his soul stone to him, however, Dillon went into a reclusive state for awhile and stepped down from the Hierarchy.

The vacuum allowed Liam to take the position for a time. But Liam proved to have ambitions that were not in the best interests of Belfast and after the Oracles appeared during the Revelation, Liam was removed from the position. Dillon was asked to retake the position, in fact some say that he was destined to retake the position as his half brother was destined to be Hierarch of New Atlantis.

Dillon is a hard worker and always one for propriety. He strives to remain proper in everything he does, though as of late he has been more youthful and energetic. Rumor has it that he is seeing Orenda of Vancouver.


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