Hacker extra-ordinaire ...hey, where'd my bacon go?


Order: Mysterium
Rank: First Degree, 2 nd Degree Archmage
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: None
Apparent Age: Mid to late 20s
General Appearance: Dude can sometimes look the part of the stereotypical stoner/hacker when he doesn’t feel up to grooming himself, but as of late he generally dresses in nicer though still relaxed button up shirts and dress pants or nice jeans with a military style hat. If anyone asks, he insists his fashion style is “military chic” and might mention something in reference to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, though what the has to do with his fashion sense may not always be clear. He seems to have a fondness for collecting quirky belt buckles as well and wears his dirty blonde hair just slightly shaggy with some texturing product in it.


Dude has long time been a friend of Grace . The two grew up together; in fact their first meeting was one of the other kids was making fun of him and Grace walked up and punched the kid out in his defense. He followed her to university in Leeds where he majored in computer programming and taught himself hacking on the side, then followed her back again to Belfast where they began their own chapter of the Free Council. Despite the fact that Atlantean society can frequently look down their noses at the Free Council, the two made themselves an extremely useful asset to the Belfast Consilium.

He will readily admit that he largely joined the Free Council because Grace did. And Grace joined the Free Council because her mentor was a member of the Free Council. But when the Revelation occurred, both of their world views were jarred. The Oracles they were told did not exist did in fact exist and they wanted Atlantis to rise once more. Mona quickly seized upon the opportunity to add a new and talented hacker to her ranks, all in the name of research of course (especially when that research is at other universities that the University of Belfast can’t access). Dude went willingly along though, the high ritual magic format intrigued him despite his techno-magic leanings. And tripping out while watching mana float around is way cool.

Dude himself is generally a quiet individual who keeps to himself in the corner of the room unless spoken to. He is, however, always quick to jump to someone’s aid. Rumors has it that he is currently dating Grace .


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