"Voice" of New Atlantis


Order: Guardian of the Veil
Rank: Epopt, 2 nd degree Archmage
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: Bearer of the Eternal Voice
Apparent Age: Mid-30s
General Appearance: Always well dressed in either a suit or casual business attire and always tends to be dressed in dark or black colors. He keeps a very severe aura about him and tends to cloak or mask his aura from scrutiny. He has dark brown hair and sharp, yet oddly sad, eyes.


Dulbhach rose to the position of Epopt after the large battle with the Seers in Belfast when several Mages and heads of the orders fell. Rumor says that he was a lover of the former Epopt and as the provost died with her, he was a shoe in for the position.

He had been known within the Guardians as well as within the Belfast Consilium to sleep or proposition any attractive younger females who come into his ranks. Those who complied or showed interest were gifted with certain special privileges which varied according to what they may have needed or asked for. This worked well for him until it backfired in a most public way.

Dulbhach allied himself with Liam in an attempt to over throw the Ulster Consilium. He tried to manipulate Alexis into aiding him. This backfired horribly on him, ending with his utter disgrace in front of the entire Consilium as well as the visiting Hierarchs of all of Ireland. He went into a bit of a seclusion after this, sending his provost, Blakesh out to give his orders. He still has yet to forgive Alexis for her display of defiance.

About half way through the year though, seeming to correspond with the alliance that was signed between Vancouver and Belfast , he started to make a reemergence in the Consilium. He instigated a new system with which to register and investigate any newly arrived or Awakened mages in the area as the numbers began to quickly rise after the Revelation. The Guardians have even begun working with the Adamantine Arrows on certain affairs of security for the Consilium. It is unclear if Dulbhach has his own agenda or is simply trying to save face after his disgrace. But he has certainly begun to identify himself as a clear ally of New Atlantis.


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