The Rebel


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Rank: Sentinel on hiatus.
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: Weather Witch
Apparent Age: 28
Virtue/Vices: Temperance/Pride
General Appearance: Eowyn is aptly named. She is tall with a dancer’s body, but has the stance and watchful eye of a warrior woman. She had always had very long blonde hair, which started the nickname “Eowyn” back in Middle School. If a modern version of Eowyn existed, it is as if she stepped out of Edoras in practical attire and somehow wound up in Vancouver. Eowyn wears glasses when she reads or types, and all too often winds up looking like a secretary. She dresses up nicely, and irritatingly looks good in just about everything. She doesn’t seem to realize it. Eowyn is currently pregnant with twins.


Being the daughter of the Hierarch has it’s perks and it’s drawbacks. On the one hand, Amadeus is a fine upstanding man who leads the Consilium with pride and wisdom. Being the daughter of the Hierarch means you get to hang out with people in every Order without it seeming strange. On the other hand, the Hierarch can overreact a bit when it comes to Eowyn and her choices. He still has trouble with the fact that the girl he had been breeding to be a Ladder wound up joining the Arrows, and often gives her grief about this. Poor Eowyn hadn’t had a boyfriend for longer than 48 hours until Malachi came along…and even then it was Malachi’s upstanding character that impressed her father enough to let him stay.

Eowyn is an accomplished author who loves to write fiction and poetry like any girl would, but makes a lot of her hard earned income (which she proudly makes all on her own) instead of relying on her millionaire father to support her. She lived in her own apartment and supported herself for two years after a violent fight between her and her hateful sleeper mother. For as good natured as her father is, he married a harpie.

Currently Eowyn’s world was turned around again when she discovered that she was pregnant with twins after an accidental evening’s winefest…after only having dated him sporadically over the course of a few months. (Malachi’s schedule as Provost of the Hierarch is what you might expect it to be. Having been raised to be a Silver Ladder despite being an Arrow, she was able to help him sort out his schedule to allow for more free time.) She and Malachi are now married, and have a home in North Vancouver on a lake, as a congratulatory gift from her father…and with suspiciously enough room for entertaining large parties. (or housing lots of grandkids)

Whatever happens to her next, though, she is convinced that she and Malachi will make it through together. Eowyn has always been a dreamer, and he dreams have been dark of late…


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