Sentinel for Belfast...he's watching you.


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Rank: Sentinel
Path: Moros
Apparent Age: Very early 20s
General Appearance: Tall and lanky, Fagan has dark brown, almost black hair which he keeps in a shaggy, side swept cut. He has a more emo flavor to his dress but generally tends to keep himself dressed nicely, especially when he has to go to work. He has very sharp blue eyes that tend to see everything.


Fagan awoke when his older brother was stabbed to death in a mugging trying to protect him. They were just walking along (in a less than savory part of town to be fair) which someone tried to jump Fagan. His brother pulled the guy off and tried to fight him off but was fatally stabbed three times. Fagan doesn’t remember what happened next besides confronting a foreboding figure in front of a tower. The police dubbed the mugger’s death as self defense however so Fagan was not brought up on any charges. He luckily had enough foresight to hide the rock that he had signed his name in blood on.

Fagan never had that great of a home life to begin with. His mother left when he was in primary school and his father was a drunk. His father of course blamed him for his brother’s death. When he found his way to Lovki, Lovki thought he would be a shoe in to be tutored by Ferguson. Ferguson was resistant to the idea at first but when Fagan moved in he proved to be a good kid; he cleaned up after himself, studied all the readings Ferguson told him to and was happy to go to the grocery store so that Ferguson wouldn’t have to leave his solitude. A few months later, Fagan showed up on the doorstep with Conall, his best mate since primary school who had just gone through his own horrific awakening. All three now live together in the same sanctum as a cabal.

Fagan tends to keep to himself most of the time. He likes to watch people, pick up on news and gossip by seeing how people interact. It serves him well as he’s currently interning with his uncle to be a journalist. He and Conall have been known to get themselves into trouble as well. Its for that reason that he’s been assigned a second year as sentinel ( Belfast normally has its sentinels serve only one year at a time.) Though Conall isn’t very pleased about it, Fagan is taking it in stride. He honestly wants to do the best for other people, though he tends not to care as much about his own well being. And he can be easily persuaded into mischief by Conall.


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