Leader of the Cabal of the Phantom Queen. And known Puppeteer...


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Rank: 3 rd Degree Archmage
Path: Moros
Apparent Age: Generally mid 50s, sometimes older, sometimes younger, sometimes you aren’t sure he’s from this realm of existence…
General Appearance: Ferguson is a tall and skinny man with dark hair that is graying. He usually wears only black: black jeans or slacks and black long sleeve shirts. As mentioned, he can appear as if he wears the weight of the world on him sometimes. Though sometimes it can he can almost appear fae like in his intensity. And the other times he has a puppet on his arm.


Ferguson has been a mage for sometime and though he his frequently forgotten about in Belfast, he is also one of the more powerful mages. But he doesn’t talk much about his past; even his cabal mates don’t know very much about his history other than the fact that he is incredibly well learned in several mythologies and histories from around the world which serve his legacy quite well. He’s mostly a shut-in: he rarely leaves his sanctum unless there is a matter of great importance that he feels he needs to be present at. He is always as hospitable as he can be however when anyone comes to visit him. Though he is also known to be very blunt and set in his ways as well. Its recommended that you don’t tell him to read slowly.

His fellow cabal mates and pupils are Conall and Fagan .

He is also the known mentor of Gabriel .


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