Roguish Mysterium member meets Indiana Jones.


Order: Mysterium
Rank: Magister
Path: Acanthus
Legacy: Sphinx
Apparent Age: Late 40s, early 50s
General Appearance: Gawain is a well kept British man who wears his age well; the only feature that truly belies his older age is the slight graying hair at his temples and the fine lines around his eyes. He is always well dressed in a certain British scholar fashion and is very well spoken. He does however seem to have a touch of paranoia and will always scrutinize anyone whom he comes in contact with, though is always certain to apologize for such things and explains that he has had some bad experiences in the past.


Gawain says that he came to Belfast to research in their library, well known as one of the better Mysterium libraries in Europe, for an artifact he was looking for. Though he never states what artifact that is. He has also claimed that he had a falling out with his former cabal though he keeps in touch with one or two of them. Since coming to Belfast he seems to have settled down there for the most part though he will frequently disappear for lengths of time. He says he is still searching for his mysterious artifact though lately he seems even more paranoid than he usually is. He limits his conversations with those he comes in contact with not to the point of being rude, but generally seems that someone maybe listening in on him.

He has been cited as a mentor to Kerali.


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