Ex-Free Council member turned Adamantine Arrow. She hits hard. With a bat.


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Rank: Sentinel, 2 nd Degree Archmage
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: None
Apparent Age: Late 20s, early 30s
General Appearance: A firey little redhead, Grace keeps her hair back in a messy ponytail most of the time and prefers to wear jeans and fitted band tee-shirts, though she’s also been known to throw a punkish skirt into the mix as well. Grace definitely is a punk rock girl and loves her pyramid belts and cuffs. She has a bad temper but is still a fun loving girl who can party with the best of them.


Grace’s full Mage name is Granuiale, after the pirate. But she generally just has people call her Grace for short. She’s frequently seen with Dude as the both of them, until recently, where the heads of the Free Council in Belfast. After the Revelation though, they found themselves pulled in different ways: the fact that the Oracles really did exist changed Grace’s entire view on Mage life. It took her sometime to cope but she finally gave in to Lovki ’s badgering and joined the Adamantine Arrows where she is currently serving her required year as Sentinel.

Grace still lives in her old sanctum with Dude and the rest of the Free Council members that are left (there aren’t many) have found a new headquarters. Rumor has it that Grace and Dude are now dating.


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