Adamantine Architect


Path: Thyrsus
Legacy: Grove Warden
Rank: Sentinel (AGAIN!), 1st degree arch-mage.
Apparent Age: late 20s
*Virtue/Vice: * Charity/Wrath

Holly is a spunky 29 year old girl with greenish blue eyes and medium blonde hair. She has no real patience for fashion and wears whatever is comfortable or practical…which can mean snowboots, plaid shirt, jeans, and a deerstalker hat at any given point in time. Despite having a steady work-at-home job in design, she also models for art students and photographers whenever she has the time. Holly is in a permanent battle against tan lines.

Her fighting style is rare. Okichitaw was developed in Toronto by a man who blended the ancient martial arts of the Cree natives and Eastern martial arts, which involves the use of a gun-stock war club and thrown tomahawks.


Holly is in a constant state of remodeling her home…which incidentally she designed. Currently, the kitchen is in redesign mode…tomorrow? Who knows. Either way, she lives with her boyfriend and the two of them spend their time tackling major construction projects or OD’ing on hot chocolate recipes.

Holly is the daughter of one of the area’s premiere resort home and building designers, and she herself is quickly building her name. Her most recent project was her favorite: designing a native art museum. She is currently in the process of designing another super-secret project for our friends in Ireland, but is not allowed to talk about it.

Holly was Halaayt’s closest friend before she was abducted and taken to Belfast. Holly and her husband divorced a couple years ago because of her husband’s realization that he was in love with his ex wife still. When he returned intermittently for various reasons, Holly began to realize slowly that something was amiss and infidelity was again afoot. Needless to say, her husband-turned-Seer became a feast for wolves, and she is the better for it.

And would like to point out that she is happy with her Seer-Turned-Mage boyfriend. thxvrymchkbye.


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