Adamant Sage of Beflast. Soon to be Adamant Sage of all of Ireland.


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Rank: Adamant Sage, 3 rd Degree Archmage
Path: Thyrsus
Legacy: Orphan of Proteus
Apparent Age: 30s
General Appearance: Lovki is a taller man with a well muscled frame. He keeps his reddish hair cut short but not bald as he used to. Generally wears comfortable but still nice clothes and has a well kept look about him. He can look formidable if he chooses but can frequently be seen with a smile when he’s not on duty.


Lovki has been Adamant Sage for the city of Belfast for quite a few years now, having taken the position when former Sage, his mentor, died during a battle with the Seers of the Throne. He takes his role very seriously and his ultimate goal is to ensure the future safety of Belfast for both Mage and Sleeper alike. He is a very pragmatic man and tend to like to keep his p’s and q’s in check without being a tyrant, though he has been known to bristle whenever his pride comes under scrutiny.

With the upcoming restructuring of Mage politics in Ireland following the great Revelation, as many are now beginning to call it, Lovki has been chosen by Conchobar (and some rumors claim by the Oracles themselves) to become the first Adamant Sage of all of Ireland. Though each Consilium will retain their own Adamant Sage and ability to self-govern, Lovki’s new position will make him the overseer of all four Consilii and the final judge when matters become too large for a sole Sage to handle.

This leaves an opening for the position of Adamant Sage in Belfast, a position which Brigid is expected to fill.

He is currently known to be engaged to Halaayt.


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