Finder of Secrets


Path Obrimos
Order Mysterium


Intelligence ••• Strength •• Presence ••
Wits ••• Dexterity •• Manipulation ••
Resolve ••• Stamina •• Composure •••


Mental Physical Social
Academics ••• (Literature) Athletics Animal Ken
Computer •• Brawl Empathy
Crafts •• Drive Expression
Investigation •• (Rare Books) Firearms Intimidation
Medicine Larceny •• Persuasion
Occult •••• (Magic) Stealth Socialize ••
Politics Survival Streetwise ••
Science Weaponry Subterfuge ••
Arcana Merits
Death High Speech •
Fate Status – Consillium •••
Forces • Resources ••
Life Ancient Lands Awakening ••••
Matter •• Occultation •••
Mind Eidict Memory ••
Prime •••• Order Status ••
Spirit •• Mystery Initiation •
Space Famliar •••

Health •••••••
Willpower ••••••
Gnosis •••
Mana Per Turn: 3

Size: 5
Speed 9
Defense 2
Initiative Modifier 5


A Chicagoan mage till he was uprooted(kidnapped) and planted in (kidnapped to) Ireland. Belfast, North Ireland to be specific. It was here he was united with his fellow mages (Kidnap victims). They were set upon an Arcane quest (by their kidnappers)…to find a sword.

They formed a Cabal…the Knights of the Tower. And set about finding the sword before the Exarchs could.


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