Hierarch of Vancouver. Overachiever.


Order: Silver Ladder
Rank: Hierarch, 1 st Degree Archmage
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: Clavicularis
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
General Appearance: Malachi is a very well dressed man who believe appearances are everything. He is always dressed nicely no matter what he is wearing, be it business attire for Consilium or casual attire for class. He keeps his chin length dark hair well groomed and shaves nearly every day. He’s very handsome, something that has gotten him a bit of a fan club back home in Belfast. For all his grooming habits he is a very amiable person frequently with a polite smile on his face.


Malachi is possibly one of the busiest Mages in the known Mage world. In the past two years, he has moved to Vancouver, married Eowyn, become the father of twins, and inherited the hierarchy of Vancouver following the bombing and subsequent death of not only the late hierarch (and his father-in-law) Amadeus but also the vast majority of the Ladders in British Columbia.

Currently he is helping in the rebuilding and strengthening of the Vancouver consilium as will as aiding Dillon and Conchobar in building the New Atlantis alliance. When he isn’t parenting and changing diapers that is.


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