Curator of the Mysterium of Belfast...oh no the books ate her again!


Order: Mysterium
Rank: Curator, 3 rd Degree Archmage
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: Eyes of Ain Soph
Apparent Age: Early 30s
General Appearance: Mona is a very mousy looking woman of short stature with shoulder length brown hair. She generally dresses very professionally, though frequently it can look as though perhaps she forgot to iron her skirt…or maybe she slept in it in the library again. She wears glasses and is generally non-imposing though easily excited.


Mona was the Provost to the previous Curator, Iolan, who was sadly murdered by Seers in an attempt to get information about how to enter the secret Mysterium library from him. The two were also lovers and so it hit her rather hard, though she bravely filled his position and continues to lead the Mysterium on. She has actually become more aggressive with her recruiting tactics, making magical flyers and the like. Mona also seems to be on a continuous mission to reorganize the Mysterium’s library. The downside to this is that Iolan, due to his horrible death, passed on to become a Ghost Mage and one of his anchors is the library itself (another is Mona) and he isn’t fond of her idea.

Mona has been instrumental in helping to organize the new Mages that have been flooding into Belfast since the Revelation. Though obviously not all of them go on to become Mysterium, she has been key about collecting their information into a data frame developed by her people which she then passes on to Dulbhach and the Guardians for their investigations. They’ve been systematically creating a database of all the Mages in the area in hopes to prevent further issues from occurring.

Mona is the known mentor to Lucien. She is also currently engaged to Aleister, the curator of Vancouver.


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