Provost to Killarney, Oversized Pixie


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Rank: Provost to Hierarch, 1 st Degree Archmage
Path: Acanthus
Apparent Age: Hard to say really. She looks like she’s in her late teens but has an ageless quality.
General Appearance: “Oversized pixie” is really the best description of her because that’s what she looks like. She’s shorter with delicate features that make her look like she’s always up to mischief. Her eyes are one of her most stunning features. Its not that they’re an odd color, or oddly shaped, but they’re bright and almost glowing in a way. She has a dancer’s body and a striking beauty.


Pukka is the life of the party and a very private person all at once. There are rumors about that she might be a Changeling. If she deems you trustworthy, and she tends to know very quickly if you are or not, she’ll confirm it. Of course it doesn’t help that she’s not the best at covering it up unless she deems it necessary. It is not a secret however that she is the emissary to the Changeling courts of Ireland. She’s the only mage they’ll stand dealing with. As the Changelings avoid mage-kind and being in the spotlight in general, there is typically not too much of a problem.

Pukka may look very young but is in reality much older and very wise for all her enthusiastic energy. She bears herself regally when fulfilling her position as provost and is a force to be reckoned with.


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