Arrow Assassin and avid Harry Potter fan.


Path: Mastigos
Legacy: King’s Bane
Rank: rank 3 Arrow, Assassin (Secret"ish" Ops)
Apparent Age: early 20s, actual age is 27.
*Virtue/Vice: * Fortitude/Pride

Rowan is a mixed race Tsimshian (Raven Clan) and French Canadian. She just calls herself “Awesome” when she fills out the race portion of any form. Her chosen identity is her native one. She has very tan skin and dark brown, silky hair. Her gaze is piercing, and though she doesn’t intend to, she often looks sad. She is a very athletic girl with a lean frame, and is a highly trained fighter.


Rowan is an interesting girl. On the one hand, she’s very shy. On the other hand, she has absolutely no fear of being on stage. She gets lost in music easily and her main interests are in old school punk and metal. She was also a founding member of a wizard rock band, as Harry Potter is her chosen fandom.

Interesting tidbit: She refers to Aleister as “Severus”.

Rowan is open minded regarding her religious beliefs, but professes to be a practicing pagan with indiginous leanings.

Rowan is first, finally, and foremost an assassin. She is trained to be proficient in throwing knives, sniping, firearms, and poisoning. She lives her life accordingly. For a long time, Rowan had Multiple Personality Disorder as the result of an accident in which a bullet discharged from her gun killed a child, and a paradox mishap. Though this has since been healed, she is still having some trouble regaining her bearings and still feels the guilt associated with killing an innocent.

For a long time, she believed that she was not worthy of life after taking the life of a toddler (accident or not), but lately Conall has proven to believe in her. It’s a long distance relationship, but it appears to work for them.


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