A Bostonian Lost in Belfast


Order: Mysterium
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: None! Until he understands enough to build up his own.


Scythe is a young lad originally from Boston. He’s not very open about his life before mage-hood. What could be gathered from his slightly too-quick speech and regularly sarcastic quips, was that he was a pretty normal egghead before he underwent his awakening at roughly 14 years old. During a car crash with his parents, Scythe was brought before a being that he recognizes as archangel Gabriel, also known as the Angel of Death. With the knowledge that the angel of death wanted him back in the world to do his bidding, Scythe woke up with his family, in the only car not harmed in a 15 car pileup. It was then he picked his name, as the tool of the angel that saved him and his family. Right after the revelation, Scythe packed up and moved to Belfast to investigate these mages that were touched by the Oracles, after all, the best way to serve the angels are to be around those that were touched by them. Scythe currently works at the University that houses the Mysterium in Belfast, as a library attendant. The pay is crap, but it’s enough to live on while he immerses himself in Mage lore.


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