Herald to the London Caucus, One of the Inner Circle


Order: Silver Ladder
Rank: Herald, 1 st Degree Archmage
Path: Acanthus
Apparent Age: Early 30s
General Appearance: Speedy is very fit due to his occupation as a bicycle courier in London. When he’s on the job, he can be caught in bicycle shorts and tops. When he is functioning as Herald, he cleans up nicely in a suit. Otherwise you can generally find him in khakis or jeans and a comfortable looking shirt.


Speedy is an interesting character because in conversation he seems like a right upstanding guy. He’s from east end London and speaks with a bit of a Cockney accent. He very personable and willing to go with the flow of conversation. But rumor also has it that he sold his own mother’s sanity in the name of duty and would gladly have sold her soul as well.

He will tell you upfront that you shouldn’t trust him as he is not a trustworthy individual. He oathed himself to the service of the London consilium and so even if he likes you, he’d screw you over in an instant in the name of London. More rumors have it that he nearly joined the Guardians before he join the Silver Ladder and he still retains their cut throat mind set.

Speedy has the confidences of the Caucus itself, however, and his duty is generally to represent the Caucus when it has a message to give out and pass these words to the other Heralds. Though he also seems to act as counselor to the caucus as well. And sometimes he appears to act on his own accord.


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