Tobias Bongani Decker

mage to changeling translator


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Mirrorskin / Antiquarian
Court: Autumn
Court Job: Witch of the Bitter Wind
Entitlement: Lord Sage of the Unknown Reaches


Since returning from the hedge he has found that it seems more natural to have several identities. These include an elderly bookstore owner, an early 30s private eye, and a changeling of the autumn court specializing in occult knowledge and information about human mages. To other changelings he is known as someone who is adept at seeking things out, whether that is items, people, or knowledge.
Although most, if not all, changelings only know him through his changeling persona. In his earlier years after coming out of the hedge he was used by the freehold as a scout, spy, and thief though he has not really been used in these roles since becoming a Witch of the Bitter Wind.
As a Lord Sage of the Unknown Reaches he has taken part in several of their academic conferences and gatherings. As his specialty is mages he has given several presentations on them. These have included the well received; Mages and You: A Guide to Etiquette, So You Want to Befriend a Mage and Why you Probably Shouldn’t, and his currently awaited work Mages in the Wake of the Revelation: Or What are Those Crazy Mages up to Now?

Tobias Bongani Decker

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