Mystery d20

A large, stone d20 with magical properties


Alexis collected an Artifact at the Goblin Market, but is still unsure of what it does.

The Artifact is dull teal in color with many of the corners and edges of this multi-faceted stone die chipped or rounded. On some sides, the symbols have nearly worn away entirely, while other still clearly show the deeply incised sigils that originally graced their face. In the deepest crevices, glints of gold paint still gleam.

All but one of the 20 facets of the die bear the marking of having been incised with a symbol. Some closely resemble medieval European alchemical symbols, and others appear to be related to the Atlantean symbols that mages use to represent the various Arcana, although many of the sigils have been worn or chipped to the point of near-ambiguity. A single facet stands unmarred by incision, its blank face in glaring contrast to the ornate lines and loops of the other 19 sides.

The die feels heavier than its size would suggest, and radiates a subtle warmth that is noticeable to the touch but imperceptible to scientific measurements. To those with supernatural senses, however, the warmth is quite clear, as is a subtle darkness within the interior of the gemstone die. It is the exact opposite of how the item might appears if lit from within, as if something consumes all light that falls up the die’s multi-faceted form.


Mystery d20

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