Saints' Medals

An artifact of two Saints' medals


Durability: 3
Size: 0
Structure: 3
Dots: 5
Mana Capacity: 11

Scythe purchased a wayward artifact at the Goblin Market.

These medals – a gold one bearing the image of the Virgin Mary and a jet black one bearing a barely recognizable picture of St. Anthony – are strung on an iron chain. The St. Anthony medal is activated by a brief touch and an invocation to the saint (“Tony, Tony, come back around, something is lost and has to be found”). Anyone who invokes it can make use of the “Finder” spell (p. 233 of MtA). The gold medal can only be activated by a mage, and requires nothing but a thought. When activated, it allows the user to brighten, but not dime, any source of light in the area (as the “Control Light” spell, p. 165 of MtA).


Saints' Medals

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