Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland. It is home to the second largest Consilii in Ireland, Dublin being the first. Similar to its well known Sleeper politics, its Mage politics are very similar.

Little known to the Sleeper world, a good chunk of the infamous fight in Belfast is actually due to frequent battles between the Consilium and the Seers of the Throne who have a frequent interest in the area. One of the largest battles to take place in the city resulted in the heads of many of the orders dying. The pylon responsible for the bloodshed was finally defeated when Grace, then Strategos of the Free Council blew their compound up with a fair amount of explosives. This aid won the Free Council a seat on the Consilium, something not frequently found in all Consilii.

Since then there has been a fair amount of turmoil in the Consilium. Within the past year, there has been two different changes of Hierarch alone. The first change was due to Dillon stepping down after a Seer stole one of his soul stones and began to run the Consilium from behind the scenes. Liam , his successor, attempted to railroad the rest of the Consilium into attacking Ulster, the neighboring Consilium. He eventually stepped down willingly after the Revelation. Dillon then re assumed his former position.

In both cases the Knights of the Tower , a new cabal which appeared in Belfast one day after literally being dumped there by kidnappers, played a large role. They were the first to uncover the treachery of the Seers manipulating Dillon. Liam ’s act of trying to attack Ulster coincided with the Revelation, when the Knights showed themselves to be the chosen of the Oracles to dawn a new age for Mage kind and begin the building of the New Atlantis.

At this time, Belfast is allying with the other three Consilii of Ireland under the new Consilium known as New Atlantis. The seats of the Consilium are filled as follows:

Hierarch Dillon
(Provost) Disir
Adamant Sage (Arrows) Brigid
(Provost) Horace
Epopt (Guardians) Dulbhach
(Provost) Blakesh
Curator (Mysterium) Mona
(Provost) Tallulah
Claviger (Ladders) Brendan
(Provost) Marina
Heralds Lucky Liffey Malinn
Sentinels Conall Fagan Grace Sinead


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