Emain Macha

Emain Macha is the legendary site where King Conchobar of Irish legend held court with his warriors of the Red Branch, led by the infamous CuChulainn. It is located in Northern Ireland in the area known as Ulster.

It is currently being rebuilt.

After the Revelation, the mage Conchobar whom was revealed to be the destined leader of the rebirth of Atlantis and the Golden Age of Mage kind everyone, began to plan largely with the Belfast Consilium (as it was the closest and was now led by his half brother Dillon, on how to bring Ireland together in order to create this mecha of magic on the island. And thus the new Consilium New Atlantis was born.

Its central meeting place will be at the new building of Emain Macha which with the aid of local artisans and architects will be a replica of what they believe the original would have looked like…on the surface. This way it will serve as a tourist attraction and National Heritage site in an attempt to preserve the old legends of Ireland. In fact they were able to get a large portion of their funding from the National Heritage organization.

Beneath the building, however, will be several floors designed to be a grand meeting place for Mages that has never been seen before. This will be the home of New Atlantis and a large unveiling and charter writing ceremony is being planned in October of the upcoming year.

Emain Macha

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