New Atlantis

New Atlantis marks a pinnacle of Mage history as well as Irish history. For the first time, the whole of Ireland has been brought together under one title to lead Mages into a Golden Age. After the Revelation when it was made clear that the Oracles had selected Ireland to be its new Atlantis, the leader chosen by them, Conchobar began to plan with the other movers and shakers of Ireland how best to accomplish this.

It was decided rather than abolishing the other Consilii of Ireland, they would be allowed to remain as there, governing their areas as they did. But they are now allied with one another under New Atlantis. Ironically similar to the governmental structure of the United Kingdoms, the Consilii of New Atlantis holds the trump card of Ireland. The four Consilii are autonomous but New Atlantis can overrule them if it is deemed necessary. Any dispute that becomes too large for a single Consilium to handle will be passed up to the New Atlantis Consilium. Any dispute between the four Consilii becomes the matter of New Atlantis. And of course any relations with Consilii outside of Ireland goes through the New Atlantis hierarchy first.

Conchobar and New Atlantis has made it clear they do not wish to be overruling tyrants: the Hierarch of each of the four Consilii is also considered as having a seat on the New Atlantis Consilium. Each is even allowed to have its own Provost. There are currently talks to set up a head of each order for the whole of New Atlantis as well in an attempt to standardize somewhat within the island as well as foster communications between the Consilii. New Atlantis wishes for all Mages to be able to work together in one society in the name of the Oracles and for the betterment of Mages worldwide.

New Atlantis is currently working to set up alliances with as many major Consilii as possible. So far Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Japan, Moscow, London, New York, Pheonix, Chicago, Juno, and LA have been confirmed.

The Consilium seats are filled as follows:

Hierarch of New Atlantis Conchobar
Provost Dillon
Adamant Sage of New Atlantis Lovki
Curator of New Atlanis Bardán
Epopt of New Atlantis Dulbhach
Claviger of New Atlantis Nuada
Representative for Belfast Dillon
Provost Disir
Representative for Killarney Jareth
Provost Pukka
Representative for Dublin Caomhan
Provost Mara
Representative for Ulster Archer
Provost Synge
Security Halaayt Gabriel
Herald Lucky

New Atlantis

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