In 2009, in Belfast, Ireland, one of the most earth shattering events to happen within the Mage world since perhaps the Fall of Atlantis occurred. A cabal of 6 Mages, known as the Knights of the Tower, called forth the Oracles themselves and made a huge stand against the Seers of the Throne during a consilium meeting in Belfast so that the destined ruler of the Second Age of Mage society may come to power.

There are several variations of the story regarding the event. Generally, they all start with Liam who rose to be Hierarch after a Seer known as Finn infiltrated the consilium and nearly tore it down. Liam will perhaps go down in Irish Mage history, at best, as the most horrid Hierarch ever to live, and at worst, an enemy of the state who would have seen Ireland cast back into the dark ages of time. The most popular stories tell of a stand-off between Liam and the Chosen 6 Mages as they fought for Conchobar, the destined ruler, to be acknowledged as such. It was during this stand-off that Accolon, the most diabolical of all Seers ever to grace the Earth, appeared at the bidding of the Exarchs to crush this pretender and his 6 lackies. In some stories, Liam and Accolon were allies, in others Liam is simply a puppet that was being controlled by Accolon.

An epic battle then broke out. The Chosen Ones fought valiantly for the destiny they knew was meant to pass. They revealed perhaps the most powerful artifact ever seen: Excalibur, the sword of Arthurian Legend. The sword split in 6 and the Knights, some nearly going mad, some nearly dying, slew the evil Accolon and put to end the plans of the Exarchs. It was then that the Oracles themselves appeared, one for each tower. They thanked the Knights for their duty and proclaimed that Ireland was to become what it had always been intended to be: the Second Atlantis, the replacement for the first Island of Magic that had fallen into the sea. This New Atlantis was to be created by those present and they were to see that it did not befall the ills that the last one did. Then the Oracles took Excalibur and disappeared. To this day that room in which the Oracles appeared, within Belfast Castle, still vibrates with an amazing power. It became on par with Stonehenge, and is a popular site for Mages to visit. The room had to be closed to Sleepers due to strange feelings and occurances that continue to happen in the room. There are some very hushed rumors as well that Accolon’s ghost haunts the room, but if it is, he has yet to be caught by the Moros mages that have searched for him.

Now, of course, this is a slightly romanticized version of events. Anyone who was actually present knows that Liam was just an idiot who was hoping to reclaim Belfast as part of London’s consilium. His timing just so happened to highlight the arrival of Conchobar, who was in fact destined to lead New Atlantis. Though the rest of the story is largely true: the 6 Chosen Knights fought with Excalibur and defeated Accolon at the behest of the Oracles, who did make an appearance.

This event has led to huge repercussions across the world. The rate at which new Mages are awakening as increased, especially within Ireland. The Veils between the worlds has gotten thinner in many places. And some of the Orders have been sent scrambling. The Free Council, which never believed in the existence of Atlantis in the first place, has had to re-evaluate some of its beliefs and in many places has ceased to exist. In others, the ancient deal that the Seers offered them long ago has started to look mighty fine. The Guardians of the Veil has had one of their hugest secrets outted. Some factions have disbanded and in other place the Guardians have needed to re-arranged their orders in a major way. And sometimes…just sporadically, some Mages see strange glowing symbols or tattoos appear on their skin that they did not notice before. With the appearance of these symbols, the urge to travel to one of the consilii within the NAA grows and many Mages heed it, still not yet knowing what it means.

Not everyone believes this event actually occurred, of course, as there are always skeptics. Some believe it may just be an allegory to some great event that occurred, some believe it to be simply propaganda. But for every skeptic, there is at least 2, if not more, Mages who believe it to be true and who feel the rise of power in the world. Even the other magical races have felt the shift that has occurred: the Vampires aren’t as much interested, necessarily, but the Werewolves and most definitely the Changelings are. Unfortunately, though, the Exarchs are not happy at all with this change of balance and rumors abound that the Seers are finding new and more diabolical ways to fight back.


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