Tower Books

A towering (ha-ha) building in Belfast at 20 Castle Lane. The bottom floor is a rare books dealer specializing in the Occult (and far too often the Occult-lite) as well as selling items from the First Nations peoples of Western Canada and housing a delightful coffee shop.

Take that, Barnes & Noble.

It is run and managed by Lucien technically, though Boromir more often finds himself minding the shop while Lucien is researching or working on Embassy business. With Lucien’s experience and the price of the quality goods on sale, Tower Books provides a modest but sufficient income.

And this is all well and good, but Tower Books has much more to it than the Sleeper community expects.

The rooms above are a Sanctum peaking with a Hallow and Library of the Arcane. There is also a good sized storage of tass on the premises as a result of the bleed off from the Hallow when it is not used. Part of this is kept in various fruit or vegetable plants from the rooftop garden and part of it seeps into the stones around the garden.

This is the Sanctum of the Knights of the Tower, but most commonly the only mages in residence are Lucien and Gabriel. Lucky and Alexis do technically live there as well, however they frequently are out of town on other business. There are…other…residents. Several ghosts, most prominently Gabriel’s familiar Fatty and the Knowledge Spirit known as @InfoSpirit, Lucien’s familiar, are also to be found here. The rest of the cabal does frequent the shop though.

Come by. Have a coffee. Peruse the books. Look at the wonderful First Nations artifacts. Just don’t mention the Demicorn.

Tower Books

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