True Fae Warding Spells

M: ritual number one is to create a pendant of iron that has two negative facing magnets on the inside that’s filled with water, so that the water is perpetually moving. fae can’t deal with iron well OR cross moving water, so they say

M: the SECOND ritual is a much harder one. pulling in what she knows about the ritual that bound the fae/seer, she turns it inside out from a binding to a repelling by weaving the spell in a reversed fashion. Since they do have folks who can scry, they set the boundary around Henry’s house to start, using the same principle as repelling magnets, and using very powerful incantations that seal into the spell; a story about how there never once nor ever was a fae so strong as to break the girdle of the supernal realms, and so what lay within is rendered useless to their influence, and undesirable to their hordes, for there is no safe place within the girdle for True Fae, and will lead to their unraveling

M: she is also working out an incantation to place on it that specifies "Arcadians who were never born naturally into the Sleeping Earth, Midgard, the Middle Realm, whose sole existance has been and always would be in Arcadia, would be affected by a contingent time spell in which time in this realm would move faster for them and weaken their actor bodies M: figures that this would not include the ‘lesser fae’ or tuatha or anyone who is Of the Earth or the Mounds, because they were born in this realm and the other and are a part of it, whereas the True Fae have only ever come to be in Arcadia

M: she thinks also, that if she says the similar incancation for the pendant over a human being that it will have a similar affect because : Iron and constantly running water are in the blood stream. Think of it like sanctifying against fae by highlighting those facts and making it visible to them
M: she is effectively trying to render them invisible to fae by emphasizing how much a part of the nature of the landscape they are

H: ::am imagining that some of the ideas she already did they had already been working together. But an idea he’s presented to work on is a strengthening of the mind to intuitively sense Otherworldly beings. Now, Mages have a latent sixth sense ability anyway, but this would be a mind spell that would strengthen it so while magic can not necessarily pierce the Mask without a lot of work, they can sense the Fae-ness anyway:: H: ::this would of course be more effective on True Fae because they are wholely Fae, but would also be useful to some extent with Changelings:: R: she can ALSO create a spell that psychic swords fae types because arrows often go on the offensive

True Fae Warding Spells

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