Welcome to British Columbia, eh? Come for the lower drinking age and the moose. We have both of those things.And copious amounts of snow. And forest fires.

Things you should know: the Vancouver Consilium is a force to be reckoned with in Canada, second only in size to Toronto. That doesn’t really matter though, because the Vancouver Arrows have a far better hockey team. They’ve been undefeated for ten years. I’d say that means Vancouver wins, dontcha know.

Our list of accomplishments is quite amazing, as we are known to be one of the most efficient and down-to-earth Consiliums on the Globe. Second now, perhaps, to the New Atlantis Consilium…but as we have a hockey game scheduled with them soon, that’ll take care of itself and we’ll all eat cake.

More later,

Curator of the Mysterium

Addendum: Amadeus has directed me to leave his page alone, so our good ol’ composer will be taking it from here and being a generally large buzzkill. That is all.

Addendum: This is Amadeus, Hierarch of Vancouver. Please ignore the Mysterium Curator. He has been told never to tweet from the bar. I’ll be taking it from here, and keeping the former letter for amusement’s sake.

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The Consilium of Vancouver
According to the charter set forth on the date of June 29th, 2010, The Consilium of Vancouver consists of the following hierarchy:

Hierarch Malachi
Provost Debussy
Claviger (Silver Ladder) Orenda
Provost Sable
Adamant Sage (Adamantine Arrows) Chief
Provost Hatter
Epopt (Guardians) Anastasia
Provost Akasha
Curator (Mysterium) Aleister
Provost Rhianna
Stragetos (Free Council) Ted
Provost Bill
Heralds: Sable Tory deceased Javier deceased Orenda Sadako deceased
Sentinels: Pythia Holly Mack Decommissioned Loki Lynx


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