Mage: Rise of the Golden Age

Chapter 1, Part 1: The New Atlantis Charter

Oracles, Babies and Pandas, OH MY!

The scene opens upon October 31st, 2011 at Emain Macha as people from all over Ireland and indeed the globe gather together to celebrate the signing of the New Atlantis Charter and Treaty. This marks a pinnacle in Mage society as the first time so many consilii have come together for a single purpose. Everyone who was anyone was there.

Halaayt and Gabriel, in their new positions as guardians of Emain Macha, found themselves on security duty, making sure no funny business (well, nothing troublesome anyway) went down. Lucien, Scythe, and Alexis were all there and even Kerali had made an appearance, come in from Cairo to read the omen for the Charter signing. Also in attendance were Tobias Bongani Decker and Drake Turner who had been invited by Pukka to forge stronger ties between the Changelings and Mages…seemingly. Most people were unaware that the two were Changelings and not simply Sleepwalkers. Except for Alexis, who for some reason was able to randomly see through Drake Turner’s mask and had no idea what to make of the creature she saw. The image faded before her eyes back into a regular person before long, however, and she decided to move on.

There was great food to be had and Alexis even declared that Lynx, formerly the Seer Valentine, should be forgiven for his previous existence due to his delicious hot chocolate recipe. The representatives from Tokyo brought with them a giant panda shaped balloon that apparently had speakers built into it for karaoke which they insisted must be part of the night’s festivities. Lovki did his best to fight this movement, but seems to have lost.

The night has not gone entirely without trouble, however. Whispers on the edges of the room from some of the higher ranking Mages revealed that some of the consilii scheduled to attend were missing; it turned out that Moscow was running later, but London was nowhere to be found. A phone call to their Sage, Uther, revealed that trouble was afoot and that there was some sort of attack going on. It was determined that the best course of action would be get the Charter and Treaty signed so that aid could be sent to London as a united front.

Thus, the New Atlantis Consilium, an amalgamation of all four Irish Consilii, was signed into being, with representatives from each order and each consilium there to sign with Conchobar as Hierarch. As is tradition, an omen was then read by Kerali, one of the Chosen, to give a sense of direction as to where the new consilium would head.

Except that when she opened her book to do her bibliomancy, a strange thing happened; her eyes began to glow and she spoke as though she had two separate voices speaking as one. She said:
“There are two separate paths that may be tread: one will lead to a glorious new golden age for Mage kind. Beware the follies that led us to our previous downfall. Look to the new Chosen Ones who will guide you. And seek the help from the other Supernaturals who can aid you.”

Those who had their Mage Sight active beheld a column of power emanating down from the ceiling around Kerali and those familiar enough recognized it as energy from the Supernal Realm of Arcadia; the most pure vision of it they had ever seen before. Some could even recognize it as the power of the Oracle of Arcadia herself.

As Kerali finished speaking a cry went out from the crowd and Mona, very pregnant with her and Aleister’s first child appeared to go into labor. Except that something was terribly wrong; she seemed in far too much pain than she should be so quickly and there was quite a bit of blood. Gabriel saw a mantle of death start to settle about her and the child and so she was whisked off to the hospital with Aleister, Brigid, and Halaayt in tow, Lucien carrying her handbag behind her.

They got her to the hospital with aid of Rowan, an Arrow from Vancouver with a special talent for quick portaling. Once in the hospital though, Mona began to take a turn for the worst and she began to flatline. With Halaayt, Brigid, and Lucien’s quick thinking, however, they were able to bring her back and give her the strength to go into surgery to retrieve the baby. Both mother and child lived; its a boy.


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