Mage: Rise of the Golden Age

Chapter 1, Part 2: New Atlantis Continued

Of Changelings and Misplaced Mages

While awaiting news on Mona and her child, the party continued on. People mingled, got to know one another, and got to gather information on other individuals. Tobias Bongani Decker and Drake Turner, in particular, attempted to gather some more information about the Mages they were stuck in a crowd of while trying to not give themselves away. They discovered that they could get more information on the recent forest fires in Killarney from Jareth, who seemed to also know a fair amount of information on Changelings. Gabriel also talked to him to learn more about the inner workings of his new companions.

Soon enough, though, word was received that both mother and baby were fine. And so the night’s events continued on with an announcement that the Mysterium would be holding an open ritual later. Eowyn then delivered a speech to all the peoples gathered in rememberance of those Mages who had fallen in the past year due to the series of attacks. It was moving and touching and brought many a tear to the eyes in the room. Following this, the bar was then opened up with whiskey available for all, in Irish style. And then, of course, the representative from the Tokyo consilium turned on their panda karaoke machine and the butchering of Frank Sinatra resonated through the walls.

It was about this time that our plucky heroes were pulled aside by the heads of the newly formed New Atlantis consilium and heads of several other major consilii including Vancouver. They informed the heroes that there was task they needed them to do, but first they required a briefing from the Changelings on what they had discovered in regards to the Forest Fire in Killarney. Tobias Bongani Decker spoke first, as one who frequently teaches Changelings about Mages, this time he ended up teaching the gathered Mages a little bit about Changelings, how they became what they were, and who the True Fae were. Unfortunately, the course of the conversation because extremely stressful for Drake Turner, who at this point was going by the name Wheeler, and the gathered Mages actually witnessed him swap personalities, to the Sleeper persona Drake who remained blissfully ignorant to the world of Supernaturals. Drake Turner then proceeded to ease the stress in the room by hitting on Hatter, the Arrow provost for Vancouver, by showing him rather inappropriate pictures of himself.

During the course of this discussion, though, Tobias Bongani Decker revealed that his investigations had discovered that one Mage had escaped the fire, though the other accomplices had either been killed by Mages or the forest spirits. This Mage, described as a tall, older gentleman with greying hair, was met deep within the forest by another Mage and Changeling. All three then portaled away. This description of the Mage seemed to strike a chord with Kerali’s Fate Sight and she revealed to the gathering that Gawain, a ally of Belfast and friend of the Chosen Ones, had gone missing and she rather feared the worst. Alexis quickly set about scrying on their lost friend and succeeded in finding him in a hotel room. Gawain, sensing that he was being spied upon, quickly ran to the bathroom and grabbed a piece of soap to write “London, Help” on the mirror before footsteps were heard in the hallway and he was forced to clean it off. Alexis ended the spell here.

It was revealed to the group that the gathered Caucuses wished to send them to London where they had learned an attacked had been made near Buckingham Palace and this is what had prevented their Caucus from attending the treaty signing. They wished for the group to head over and help where ever they could for though it was not official, New Atlantis still considered London allies and wished to cement the fragile relationship as best they could. While there, they could also research the disappearance of Gawain. They wished for the Chosen Ones to go, of course, and Pukka insisted that the Changelings join them as their talents and expertise would be of help. Brigid requested that she send one of her Sentinels along for the experience, and Tallulah requested that she send Scythe along, also for the experience.

This last request caused a bit of an issue, however. Akasha, provost for the Guardians of Vancouver, protested loudly. He claimed that Scythe was untrustworthy, due to his connections to Boston. Dulbhach argued, saying that he has personally researched the Mysterium member and that he was clean. Akasha, literally sniffing around Scythe disagreed with Dulbhach’s assessment and began to question Scythe himself. The argument quickly escalated as Akasha pulled his gun on Scythe, much to the protestations of the rest of the gathered Caucus shy of Anastasia and despite all weapons having been checked at the door of the party, and demanded that he answer truthfully. Akasha then dragged Scythe out of the room to do a private investigation on the Obrimos Mage.

Eventually, the two returned and Akasha declared that Scythe was cleared…for the time being at least. He also made a point of informing Dulbhach that he had rounded out his files for him, filling in the holes. Dulbhach did not seem too thrilled. But Hatter urged that they start to get a move on and Malachi opened a portal for the group into Victoria Station in London. Lovki was able to arm anyone who needed a gun before they left and off they jumped into the portal, except for Lucien who was tossed into the portal rather unceremoniously for straggling behind.


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