Mage: Rise of the Golden Age

Chapter 2, Part 2: Buckingham Palace Road

There was a firefight!

As guard attempting to flee the scene fell to the floor as a result of Drake Turner‘s wind and Halaayt’s gun shot wound, the entire tunnel became a flurry of action. Optimus closed in on the guard but somehow, in an inhuman way, the guard was able to jump up and bolt to the exit of the tunnels before Optimus could catch him. This movement reminded Drake Turner of some goblin contracts that he had heard of in the past. Gabriel created a shadow wall to protect them from the fire of the three guards who seemed to be controlled by some outside force. Scythe, however, in enthusiasm for catching the fleeing culprit, dodged his way around the wall and got himself shot by the controlled guards. Drake Turner followed suit, fumbling his roll under the wall though and crashing into a second guard. Optimus, frustrated by loosing his prey, howled fearsomely at the three guards and they all started to flee in terror, crashing into Gabriel‘s wall in the process. It seemed for the time being that they were no longer under someone else’s control and the group, minus Drake Turner and Gabriel who stayed behind to investigate, chased after their target.

As the target fled down Buckingham Palace Road towards Victoria Station, he chanced to run past Hatter and Delmari who heading towards the palace to catch up with their group. Using an attainment to read the scales on the stranger in palace guard uniform that was fleeing before them, Hatter determined that this man had someone else’s blood on his hands and that they should persue him. Catching up with their compatriots not soon after helped to cement this idea. Kerali cast a time spell to increase her speed and so was easily able to catch up with the fleeing guard, putting him in a headlock to prevent his escape. She did not notice right away, however, that three mages were standing down the street wearing the gilded artifacts of the Seers of the Throne, waiting. The three mages began casting a variety of horrifically vulgar spells, seeming not to care about the Sleepers walking past, and now staring with cameras, as they cast. The streetlights began to spew showers of sparks as an Anamoly paradox was caused, and one Mage manifested horns on his head as a Brand. Fatty succeeded in possessing the headlocked guard so that Kerali no longer needed to hold him as Delmari bum rushed the casting Seers. Police sirens sounded in the distance, quickly approaching.


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