Mage: Rise of the Golden Age

Chapter 2, Part 3: Changelings and Seers

Where's that creepy whistling coming from?

The characters were successful in eventually subduing the miscreant trouble makers, determining that three of them were in fact Seers of the Throne and one of them was a Changeling. The police arrived soon after, revealing the Police Chief to be Uther, the Adamant Sage of London. Along with his provost, Madeline, they discovered that one of the captured Seers was once a member of the Free Council, among the number of Mages that had not been accounted for and that they were having trouble tracking down. It seems this is a common theme in London, that the Free Council is going largely unaccounted for.

Though they had knocked the Changeling perpetrator out, Fatty was able to confirm that it was in fact a Changeling after having possessed him. He was also able to impart to the group that whomever it was that he was fleeing to meet up with during the battle was someone that he feared. And most likely for good reason: As the group marched the Changeling back to the tunnels so as to more easily interrogate him (Fatty’s possession of the person made this marching possible), the captured was shot through the temple with a foreign arrow, dying instantly. One of the more unsettling parts was the eerie tune that was being whistled right before the arrow was shot.

Attached to the oddly made arrow (which the Changelings confirmed was from the Hedge) was a piece of odd parchment, or vellum, with only one thing scrawled on it; the words “Titus Andronicus”. This caused Tobias Bongani Decker to go into a small upset fit, disclosing that the name of the True Fae who had been his keeper was named Vellum and this was most certainly a message from him, though he was not sure what it meant.


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