Killarney Freehold

The Killarney Freehold finds itself in a complex situation. The Freehold itself is not as formal as other Freeholds, such as the London Freehold. Their meeting place is small pub on the outskirts of town known as The Shadowed Leaf (the locals simply call it “The Leaf” for short). On first appearances it is old, run down, and not terribly welcoming to any who are not regulars. A tourist coming in off the street gets a strange, uncomfortable feeling from the peeling wallpaper and dark lighting and they will frequently leave in a fast manner not long after arriving.

The Leaf is where the local Changelings will come to meet. The flavor of the attendees changes according to the season of course. Currently, the Summer Court is still in power despite the season being changed to Autumn. This is due to the recent attacks on the local forest such as the Forest Fire in Killarney as well as the news of True Fae making appearances abroad. Generally, the Winter Court is in support of this; the Winter Court in Ireland holds very true to its colors and is frequently in hiding. It is rare that any come to The Leaf outside of the Winter Court being in power. A Beast Runnerswift is currently the Winter Queen; she goes by the name of Leporidae.

The Autumn Court understand the necessity for the Summer Court to have power, but they are still feeling somewhat trespassed upon. There is a strange relationship between the two Courts in this Freehold; Being that the Hedge in the Killarney Forest is so incredibly thin (even more so now since the Revelation ), the Summer Court has always had a strong presence in Ireland to protect against the True Fae and the Loyalists that they send to do their bidding. But the Autumn Court finds themselves also having an active part in the protection of the Forest. Though they do not fight face to face as well, they are incredibly good at reconnaissance work; mapping the Forest and mapping the Hedge; knowing the local spirits, and tracing the footsteps of those who pass through the woods. The Summer Court is insisting on more and more from the Autumn Court, though. More detailed maps and paths, more sentinels and recon work, more control over where and how the Autumn Changelings do their work. Some whisper that Silas, the Summer King, is overstepping his boundaries and may never relinquish the throne at this rate. The Autumn King is an Ogre Water-Dweller known as Lumbee.

The current King of the Freehold is Silas, a Fairest Flamesiren of the Summer Court. He is determined to keep the Freehold safe and will do so at any cost, utilizing any and all the tools at his disposal whatever…or whomever…they might be.

Killarney Freehold

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